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(T.R.U.E. Test) / Patch testing to metals

DESCRIPTION: If you may be sensitive to certain products (e.g. soaps, perfume, cosmetics, gold) then there may a chemical that you are allergic to. We can apply a patch containing 36 different chemicals on your back to find out which chemicals you are allergic to.


CONDITIONS: Patch test will aid in the management of: contact dermatitis

How long will the patch test take?

This test will take 3 visits to complete. We will apply the patch on your back on the first visit. We will read the test 48 hours later and do a final reading 72 hours later.

What are the restrictions for the duration of the patch test?

We ask that our patients do not get the area of the patch test wet (no showers but towel baths are fine). Also, one needs to refrain from strenuous activities and be off oral steroids (e.g. prednisone).

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