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DESCRIPTION: We offer the following vaccinations are our clinic: seasonal influenza (flu shots), Pneumovax 23, and Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (TDAP).


What are the approved age ranges for our vaccinations?

  • Seasonal influenza: For 3 years of age and older


  • PNEUMOVAX 23: For use in persons 50 years of age or older and persons aged older than 2 years of age who are at increased risk for pneumococcal disease.


  • Tdap: For 10 years of age to 64 years of age.

What are the restrictions and risks for our vaccinations?

Please view our immunization consent forms to determine if you are suitable to receive the vaccination.

Download Pneumovax Consent Form

Download Flu Vaccine Consent Form

For a full description of CDC guidelines, click HERE.

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